Accessories for Your Weber BBQ

So, you’ve decided to get a Weber, the barbie of choice for the discerning Aussie. Good move! You’re in good company, whether it’s an original kettle, a Weber Q, or one of their larger gas barbeques. Now that you’ve decided to get the Weber, you’ll need the right tools and accessories to go along with the job! We’re not just talking your run of the mill scraper or barbeque cleaning spray; we’re talking about going where only Weber accessories will go. And we have plenty of them. Peruse your opportunities for making the most out of your Weber right here.

Weber GBS Cast Iron Wok

Asian inspired cooking your thing? You’ll want to get your hands on the Weber GBS Cast Iron Wok then. This wok is going to be your new best bud for your barbie. Perfect for stir fries and deep frying, the porcelain enamelled cast iron design is sturdy, designed to last a lifetime. Built for high heats, get this Weber accessory is your repertoire.

The Weber Cover

Whether you have a Performer design Weber, a 57cm Kettle, or other design of Weber, you’ll need to protect your barbie from the elements. Grab yourself a weatherproof cover so you can continue keeping your barbie in good nick for its whole long life.

Weber GBS Pizza Stone

Can’t afford to get the full deluxe pizza oven that you’ve been dreaming of? Then grab the Weber GBS Pizza Stone instead. The pizza stone is designed to give you the best cooking surface in your Weber to give the perfect crispy thin crust traditional pizza. Try this baby out, and you’ll be cooking up gourmet pizza creations again and again and again.

Weber Q Portable Cart

If you have a Weber Q, then you’ll be well aware that you need a surface to put it on – or forget about that and get yourself a Weber Q Portable Cart. The portable cart is as portable as your Weber Q itself, folding away neatly when you’re done, but providing the perfect stand up barbeque experience wherever and whenever you need it.

Weber Rotisserie

Rotisserie style meat and veggies are some of the tastiest things you can eat off the barbeque, but you’ll need the rotisserie accessory to do so. However, that’s easy because every style of Weber has a rotisserie accessory that you can attach to your Weber. Succulent food in no time!

We have all the Weber accessories you’ll ever need for the world’s best barbeque, all in your backyard, or campsite. Check out our full range to see which delights are going to be your best bet for your favourite foods, or ask us at Hawkesbury Heating for more info about Weber.

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