Our Alfresco Area Heating Options

There are no excuses to be cooped up inside on those cold winters nights anymore. Hawkesbury Heating’s wide range of alfresco heating options will keep you toasty warm and create a cosy outdoor entertainment area to be enjoyed by your friends and family. Dinner parties in the winter will be a time to connect with those important to you while sharing a meal and good times.

Hawkesbury Heating has a vast range of outdoor heaters and will surely have something to cater for budget and styling to turn your frosty outdoors into warm, cosy retreat.

Whether you’re after a classic wood fire or a state of the art electrical heating system, Hawkesbury Heating will fit you out and pride ourselves on first class customer service from sale to delivery. The people at Hawkesbury Heating value you as a customer and would love to find the perfect outdoor heating solution for your home.

Hawkesbury Heating has been a staple in the Sydney gas heating game for a long time and are experts at providing you with an outdoor heating system that will be tailored to your needs.  Often the heaters can double function as grill or oven so you can bake your favourite dishes while the family stay nice and warm eager to taste a sensational wood fired dish. Whether you’re after the classic stylings of a Lopi fireplace or the more upscale Regency gas fireplace that will supply all your heating needs and then some Hawkesbury Heating is here to help.

The alfresco heaters come in three different fuel sources; there is the traditional wood burning fireplace, gas and electric. The electric units are a small and practical solution to your outdoor heating requirements and can easily be placed around the outdoor area and simple to install and operate. A fireplace becomes the centrepiece of your outdoors and a talking point for dinner guests, as they all take turns in stoking the fire.

Imagine inviting your close friends and family over as you share the cooking experience while socialising in your cosy outdoor entertainment area, and the children play board games soaked in the warm glow of the fire while the adults buzz around preparing food and sharing a laugh. The flames crackle and pop and provide the perfect ambience for a great night in. After dinner everyone relaxes around the fire, gently being lulled into a state of peace and tranquillity as they slow down and digest the delicious meal. A bottle of your favourite red is shared and as the contentment washes over you as you look around and see everyone smiling with joy. Not even the slightest sign that winter is upon them, as they remain bathed in warmth created by your outdoor heater from Hawkesbury Heaters. The last guests leave and it time for bed, it’ time to put out the fire and retire with a smile knowing that these special moments shared are memories to cherished forever. Winter is coming, but with a Hawkesbury outdoor heater solution, you will welcome it.

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