Outdoor Entertaining Hacks for This Summer

The soundtrack of summer is sizzling BBQ’s, the Hottest 100, and the sound of a cold one being opened on a hot day. That’s the way we like it here down under and that’s the way we do it. Outdoor entertaining is a quintessential part of Australian life, particularly in the Summer. As the sun sets over the horizon, soft tunes play in the background and you hear the background chatter you know it’s the perfect soundtrack for good times and memories shared.

But outdoor entertaining and feeding the masses can be a lot of work, so in this post, we will give you some outdoor entertaining hacks to make your life easier and free up some time, so you can relax and enjoy the Summer fun.

Cleaning the BBQ

Guess what? Would you think it was crazy if we told you that you can clean the BBQ with an onion? Well, you can. Just lop it in half with a knife and rub it around the BBQ and it frees up all the dirt and grime. Then simply take a paper towel and wipe off the excess.

Smoke and Flavour

If you’re using a coal-fired BBQ you always add extra flavour by getting your hands on some nice wood chips to get that smoky flavour – or herbs work as well. Next time you fire up coals, throw some sprigs of rosemary on them before cooking your meat. You will get a nice smoky, and sweet aroma.

Skewers will Cure

Barbecued vegetables are very underrated. This Summer, try putting some of your favourite vegetables on a skewer and brush them down with some olive oil and spice. Then simply throw them on the barbie until they are cooked. The skewer makes them easy to flip and they are a no mess, no fuss deal, so perfect for entre or an accompaniment to the main.

Cupcake Tins for Condiments

This is one of our absolute faves at Hawkesbury Heating. We love our condiments and the more the merrier. Believe it or not, a cupcake tin is the perfect serving dish for all your condiments and it presents so well.

Whole Fish in Foil

This one is great when you have to feed a lot of people. Buy a whole fish and have the monger gut it and take out all the nasty bits and then in the cavity put lemon, butter, and dill, then make a pouch out foil. Put the fish in and then add some olive oil and white wine and you’re away! When the fish is cooked it will be nice and moist from the white wine and lemons and the skin should just peel straight off. It’s an absolute crowd pleaser.

There is nothing like a Sydney BBQ in the park on a hot Summer’s day. So why not get yourself ready for this Summer and come and see us down at Hawkesbury Heating? One of our customer service professionals will hook you up with everything you need to get cooking this Summer.

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