Outdoor Heating Options to Suit a Rustic Décor

There is no better way to continue using your outdoor entertaining area over autumn and winter than by adding superior outdoor heating options to your set up. With the right heating configuration outdoors, you can ensure that you and your guests remain toasty warm, no matter what the outside temperature is. When we think rusting outdoor heating, we usually think wooden fires. Gas and electric heating are options that have only become available in modern times. However, so long as the styling is right, gas and electric can be your friend, too.

A rustic look evokes feelings of being back in the days before high rise and fast food, the days when things were simpler. There are plenty of options available that continue this theme in your yard. Enjoy Sydney year-round with these suggestions for your rustic outdoor area.

One of our most popular opinions for the rustic look is a cast iron outdoor fireplace. Our Morso Kamino cast iron outdoor fireplace is a great choice for any outdoor space. The open-style wood fireplace evokes feelings of a time gone by, while the style of the fireplace is still modern and functional. It’s of reasonable size and if a fire is built correctly it can emit a fair amount of heat.

The latest look in modern rustic that’s capturing favour around the country and the world is gas firetables. Think a coffee table look with a fire in the middle. They look great, they’re rustic in that it’s similar to sitting around a campfire, but they’re easy to maintain, and safer than a regular open fire. At Hawkesbury Heating, we have a number of different gas fire table models at different price points and style to suit different outdoor setups. The Regency Plateau series is a clever table that is sure to have you impressed with its rustic charm.

Outdoor ovens, such as the Morso Grill Forno, do double duty outside, serving no only as a cooking implement, but also adding to the heat. You may need an extra heating element for these types of ovens though – such as an overhead heater.

Of course, you can always go super rustic with your outdoor heating options, like building your own fire pit or using a half drum. These types of outdoor heating are less efficient that heating options that have been specifically built to do a superior job – as well as look great.

Take a look through our collection of outdoor heating options and you are bound to stumble across something that will go fantastically in your entertaining area. Come into our showroom to have a look or email us for more information on our product line and heating output for each.

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