Outdoor Kitchen options for 2018

What comes to mind when you think of outdoor kitchens? You’re probably thinking about billowing smoke from log fires, endless trips for firewood, and the ash-inducing soot and coughing fits involved in getting that fire started to begin with.

Fortunately, this is 2018. Cooking technology has come a long way, and your outdoor pieces could be even fancier than what you have inside. Whether you want an inbuilt piece for your indoor-outdoor space, a portable fridge for your BBQ beer, or a little single-burner for impromptu insta-kitchens, Hawkesbury Heating has you covered.

Let’s start with the SustainaPod Byron Outdoor Kitchen Module. With its glossy black body, its optional dome-shaped Kettle Weber, and its eight shiny little legs, it would be at home in any spaceship. It almost looks like it could make its own Mars landing.

The SustainaPod can be as minimalist or self-contained as your budget allows. Standard pieces of this composite kitchen include cabinets with Blum hinges on their doors and a 12mm countertop that’s handcrafted for the outdoors. You can choose the colour of the doors, handle, and work surface, so it can blend in with your patio theme and décor.

If you’d like to add some bells and whistles, you can fork out some extra dollars for a sink and a tap. The under-mounted sink holds 30 litres of water, and the tap has a gooseneck design. You can beautify your cooking-and-cleaning unit with a stone splashback and a decorative kickboard. For additional storage space, install a 40 litre-bin or a cabinet with three drawers.

The SutainaPod is ideal for outdoor use because it’s weather resistant, surviving rain UV rays, heat, and wind. It doesn’t rust or corrode and can come pre-assembled. The height of the futuristic stainless steel legs is adjustable. The entirely Australian construction and design maintain environmental standards, and the pod has a ventilated cabinet for gas bottles.

For cooking, you can mount a Weber Q3600, E460, or E660 on the SustainaPod. And if you’d like something even more comprehensive, try the SustainaPod Neptune or Elston. They have inserts for a 90 cm mini-fridge. And yes, we stock the fridges too.

If you’re not looking for an all-in-one kitchen, you can mix and match to suit your outdoor heating needs. For the perfect kitchen-in-your-car, check out our Beefeater Stainless Steel Shelf with Side Burner. This gleaming steel compliance looks gorgeous even if all it’s doing is sitting in your car. The steel is stainless and rust-proof, and the unit is fully portable.

For road trips, festivals, or even a mid-traffic snack, this little one-burner BBQ can whip you up a quick meal. It’s sturdy enough to support a wok, and when its lid slips into place, it’s compact enough to slip under the car seat. Just make sure it cools down before you stash it next to flammable car upholstery. You should also clean it after use to avoid staining the car.

And if you’d like a chimney system for your outdoor kitchen, you can install a Beefeater 120 cm Outdoor Range Hood. This wall-mounted chimney has fans that spin at four speeds and four halogen ground-facing lights to illuminate your cooking area. The fan motors are die cast from aluminium, and the whole unit is made of 304-grade stainless steel.

To bring more pizazz to your alfresco area, call Hawkesbury Heating today on 02 4571 2295.

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