Popular Types of Fireplaces

Now that we are in Winter, what could be more appealing than a fireplace? Besides coziness, these installations also increase the overall value of a home. This makes them a must-have fitting in your home. There are different types of fireplaces, each designed to suit any home.  Before installing one in your space, it is vital to know what each model offers so that you make an informed decision.

That said, the most popular types are wood-burning fireplaces, gas-burning fireplaces, ethanol-burning fireplaces, and electric fireplaces. Here are a few points on each.

Wood-burning Fireplaces

If you love hearing the crackling sound of burning wood, this is your best choice. Often regarded as the ‘traditional’ fireplaces, wood-burning variants can be an integral part of your interior décor and give your space an antique feel.

The most significant advantage of wood-burning fireplaces is its low maintenance cost as compared to electric fireplaces. This is because wood is much cheaper than other fuels. However, these fireplaces require frequent cleaning as well as ample storage places for the firewood. You should also invest in a safety screen to prevent flying embers from making a mess and for the safety of your family.

Gas-burning Fireplaces

Gas-burning fireplaces are the way to go if you don’t mind compromising ambience for simple maintenance. All you need to do is turn on a switch, and you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about ashes, soot, regular cleaning and other chores associated with burning wood. The only concern with these fireplaces is the possibility of gas leakages which can be hazardous, that is if it is not installed correctly.

Ethanol-burning Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces are gaining traction among homeowners because they are easy to install and operate, as well as being available in many styles. Unlike wood and gas fireplaces, this type doesn’t produce a lot of heat. They can, however, be installed almost anywhere because they don’t require venting. Because of the flammable nature of ethanol, it is essential to exercise caution when refilling such fireplaces.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplace perhaps are the easiest to install. They come in different sizes and can be designed to mimic anything. For instance, you could have an electric fireplace that takes after a wood-burning fireplace, except that it won’t have the ashes or logs. It could also be subtly integrated into a TV stand, entertainment system and so forth.

The most significant advantage of electric fireplaces over other types is their eco-friendliness because they don’t emit any fumes. They can also be adjusted to consume less energy and lower the electricity bills. Lastly, electric fireplaces are perfect for people living in rental houses because their installation doesn’t require structural changes such as chimneys and vents.



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