Arrow Woodheaters

Arrow 2400 Freestanding Wood Heater


Heating Capacity – Up to 350Sqm!

All models come with a 3-speed fan to ensure maximum heat distribution.
Arrow’s unique features include:
·   A triple burn combustion system provides increased fuel efficiency and produce cleaner emissions.
·   A large ash draw for easy cleaning while the fire is operating
·   A thick cast iron lining system that lasts up to 5 times longer than firebricks.
Arrow’s enduring traditional styling will enhance your home and its rugged, heavy-duty construction will ensure years of unparalleled heating performance.
All Arrow wood heaters are tested to and fully compliant with the relevant Australian Standards for emissions, power output and efficiency.
By choosing an Arrow wood heater you can be assured of the highest quality construction the industry can offer.
1.9g/kg emissions  54.3% efiiciency
Firebox Dimensions 410H x 640W x 400D
Overall Dimensions 890H x 835W x 605D

Arrow 2400 $3695

Arrow 2400 with gold door $3895

Prices for heater only, Single storey 3.6m flue kit $499

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