Blaze B820 Inbuilt Wood Fireplace

$2099.00 $1999.00

The Blaze B820 Inbuilt Wood Fireplace is a convection type inbuilt fireplace that will warm large open areas. The Blaze B820 can be fitted into a masonry chimney, or timber frame with the addition of the zero clearance box. The Blaze B820 features a 6mm steel firebox, standard 3 speed fan and black nickel handle.


  • Heats up to 260sqm
  • Efficiency Peak 70%
  • Emissions 0.90g/kg
  • 6mm Steel Firebrick Lined Firebox
  • Optional Zero Clearance Box $595
  • Optional Finishing Trims
  • 3 Speed Fan
  • Black Nickel Plated Door Handle
  • Great Value!

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