Bordelet Lea 998 Suspended Wood Fireplace


Handmade in the South of France, the Bordelet Lea 998 suspended fireplace is a central hanging wood fire with a playful 360 viewing area of the flames. Having the Bordelet Lea 998 suspended fireplace hanging from your ceiling will warm and delight any atmosphere. Without doubt the aesthetic satisfaction that this meticulously hand sculpted fireplace brings will enhance the ambiance of any interior space with its 360 degree glass viewing area. The smallest in the range, the Bordelet Lea 998 wood heater aims to excite those who seek fireplace excellence of a hanging central fire in a more petite space.

Material:4mm thick steel, handmade and spun
Includes: Fire grate and ash pan
Hearth dimension: minimum 1300mm diameter x 40mm thick
Flue dimensions: 215mm, 265mm, 315mm
Clearance to combustibles: 500mm*
Weight: 130kg
Standard colours: Anthracite grey or intense matte black. *Additional colours available upon request.

*Price advertised does not include speciality freight costs, flue kit or installation*

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