Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Electric Outdoor Heater


The award winning Platinum Smart-Heat Electric series has been designed with low-clearance, semi-enclosed spaces in mind. With minimised light emissions and dedicated recess kits The Platinum Smart-Heat Electric blends seamlessly into your environment.
Available in both black and white, the Platinum Smart-Heat Electric is the epitome of style without compromise. Elegantly understated, the Platinum Smart-Heat Electric delivers 25% more heat with a much smaller footprint that the best of our competitors.

Along with a corrosion proof 304 stainless chassis and Schott tinted ceramic-glass screen, our dedicated wall, ceiling and flush-mounting options allows subtle placement of this compact yet powerful heater practically anywhere.

Single switch activation and smart control compatibility creates set-and-forget simplicity and offers our clients complete heating control.

Tinted Glass-Ceramic Screen

The Platinum’s signature screen spreads comfort evenly across an area while minimising light emission

Slim-line Design

Wall, ceiling and flush- mounting options allow subtle placement of this compact heater practically anywhere!

Subtle Aesthetics

Elegantly understated to create comfort while blending into the environment

Precise Directional Heating

Accurately alter coverage through simple bracket adjustment

Ultra-Durable Design

Stainless steel construction ensures reliable heating for years to come

Tight Space Specialist

Minimal vertical clearance requirements and a multitude of mounting options offers versatility to a variety of enclosed outdoor areas

Ease of Use

Single switch activation and smart control compatibility creates set-and-forget simplicity.

Wireless Control Capabilities

Genuine wireless control accessories allow seamless integration of remote heating output adjustment

Platinum Smart Heat Electric 2300W – $1435

Platinum Smart Heat Electric 3400W – $2015

Platinum Smart Heat Electric 4500W Black – $2526

Platinum Smart Heat Electric 4500W White – $2590

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