Clean Air Woodheaters

Clean Air Small Console Freestanding Wood Fireplace


Don’t be fooled by the size compared to other small sized wood heaters, the Clean Air Small Console is in a class of its own for efficiency and performance. The 6mm steel firebox, Skamolex lining and three-speed double barrel fan as standard make this wood heater the ideal choice for heating a house up to 200m².


  • Heats up to 200sqm
  • 15 Year Firebox Warranty
  • 3 Sided Glass Viewing Area
  • 72% Efficiency
  • 0.95g/kg Emissions
  • Up to 7.5 Hour Burn Time
  • Standard Fan


Rear Wall Clearance 100mm
Hearth Clearance 300mm
Corner Clearance 100mm
Side Wall Clearance 450mm
Depth (mm) 592mm
Height (mm) 815mm

Hearth clearance Dimensions

Clearance Hearth Min. Dimensions Rear to
Center Flue
Rear Wall Side Wall Corner Hearth Front Width Depth
100mm 300mm 50mm 350mm 890mm 890mm 190mm


4m Single Storey Flue Kit $699

Installation Additional

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