Cocoon Aeris Stainless Steel Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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Cocoon Fireplaces combine beautiful, stunning looks with functionality. Cocoon Fireplaces are an example of a unique yet contemporary design. Running on biofuel, Cocoon Fireplaces are clean and environmentally friendly as the flame radiates warmth throughout the room leaving no smell, smoke or fumes behind. No flue is required.

Cocoon Fireplaces will make a great stylish addition to the interior and exterior spaces in your home.

The Cocoon Aeris is a suspended design piece to made to enhance any environment. Height adjustment with a 360-degree rotation to enhance viewing. Multiple hanging locations, with the ability to convert to a freestanding Pedestal model.


Main body dimensions:
Diameter 60cm (23.7” in)
Height 38cm (15” in)

Combustion Chamber:
1.5 litre Capacity (Burns Up to 6 hours)

Height Adjustable Hanging System:
Mounting Plate:
Diameter 19cm (7.5”in)
Height 2.5cm (1”in)

Adjustable Hanging Pole:
6 height positions
• Full extension 142cm (56” in),
• Height Positions :134.5cm (53” in), 125.5cm (49.4” in),116.5cm (45.8” in),107.5cm (42.3” in)
• Minimum extension: 98.5cm (38.8“ in)

Maximum length of complete unit at full extension: 182.5cm (72” in)
This includes Mounting bracket at 2.5cm (1” in) high, Hanging Pole at 142cm (56” in) high and Cocoon at 38cm (15” in) high.

For high ceilings: 50 cm (20” in) and 100cm (40” in) extension poles are available.
For pitched or angled roofs angled mounting brackets are available (please see accessories)
Additional Mounting Plates are available so your Cocoon can be hung in various locations throughout your home:.
The units can rotate 360 degrees.

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