Cocoon Vellum Stainless Steel Bio Ethanol Fireplace


Cocoon Fireplaces combine beautiful, stunning looks with functionality. Cocoon Fireplaces are an example of a unique yet contemporary design. Running on biofuel, Cocoon Fireplaces are clean and environmentally friendly as the flame radiates warmth throughout the room leaving no smell, smoke or fumes behind. No flue is required.

Cocoon Fireplaces will make a great stylish addition to the interior and exterior spaces in your home.

The Vellum is a living art piece. Making a statement, the Vellum simply hangs on the wall of any living environment.


Main body dimensions:
Diameter 60cm (23.7” in)
Depth 36cm (15” in) – including Bracket –

Combustion Chamber:
1.5 litre Capacity (Burns Up to 6 hours)

Mounting Bracket:
Height 25cm (10” in)
Width 20cm (8” in)

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