Esse Stoves

Esse 1000W Wood Stove Cooker


The ESSE 1000W wood stove cooker has so many new features!

The Esse 1000W still has 3 of the deepest ovens, and all true baking ovens at different temperatures, plus ESSE’s patented wood fired BBQ where you can cook the perfect steak inside your firebox over glowing embers for the most delicious chargrill steak – this wood stove is made for foodies!

The extra width of the Esse 1000W gives additional cook top cooking – you can go from boil to simmer by just sliding your pans across the large dog-bone shaped hot plate.

Unique is the firebox, but only is it the most efficient slow combustion wood stove ever built, with up to 15 hours of burn on a full load of wood and there is a glass door over the fire to allow you to use the heat from your ESSE to heat your room up to 60+m2.

The optional hot water jacket will provide you home with free hot water for many years ahead.

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