Eureka Garnet Freestanding Wood Fireplace


Huge unit with powerful output up to 320m2. Similar features to Opal and Miner units, but a larger version.

The huge glass window allows optimum viewing with an 8mm baffle and firebrick lined firebox, requiring a 175mm flue.

Emissions 1.3g

Efficiency 65%*

Log Length 410mm


Height: 1008mm Flue Size: 175mm
Width: 782mm Capacity: Up to 320m2
Depth: 572mm Weight: 185kg
Back of woodheater to centre of flue: 190mm

Clearances and Hearth Dimensions
Min Hearth Size: Width: 1020mm – Depth: 1100mm – Thickness: 20mm
(450mm in front of woodheater base)
Rear Wall: 150mm**
Side Wall: 450mm
Corners: 200mm

*Peak efficiency % quoted

**Standard flue shield kit must be installed to achieve rear wall clearance (kit is included in wood heater)

*3.6m Single Storey Flue Kit $549

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