Eureka Solitaire Freestanding Wood Fireplace


The Solitaire freestanding unit is the largest and most powerful woodheater in our bay window range, and is designed to heat a home of up to 350m2.

The features include a huge bay window, robust firebox with 8mm baffle plate, along with a stylish appearance.

Emissions 2.4g

Efficiency 64%*

Log Length 480mm


Height: 825mm Flue Size: 175mm
Width: 842mm Capacity: Up to 350m2
Depth: 605mm Weight: 220kg
Back of woodheater to centre of flue: 180mm

Clearances and Hearth Dimensions
Min Hearth Size: Width: 975mm – Depth: 1145mm – Thickness: 7.5mm
(400mm in front of woodheater base)
Rear Wall: 100mm
Side Wall: 350mm
Corners: 50mm

*Peak efficiency % quoted

*3.6m Single Storey Flue Kit $549

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