Lacunza Atlantic 603 Freestanding Wood Fireplace


The Lacunza Atlantic 603 is a freestanding wood fireplace suitable for small to medium sized living areas. With a modern design and heating capacity of up to 240sqm, the Lacunza Atlantic 603 is sure to be a stand out feature in your home this Winter.

Features –

  • Steel stove 60cm wide and 85cm high
  • Heats up to 240sqm
  • Black Vermiculite interior
  • Full glass door
  • Cast Iron grid and stainless steel ash pan
  • Double combustion control with air wash
  • 150mm flue top connection
  • Fully certified to AS/NZS 4012, 4013 and 2918
  • 150mm flue size
  • Double combustion
  • 67% Efficiency
  • 0.5g/kg Emissions
  • Optional Heat Shield for reduced rear clearance
  • Made in Spain
  • 10 year firebox warranty
  • Side Clearance 550mm
  • Rear Clearance no shield 400mm, with heat shield 150mm
  • Minimum Hearth Size 700 W x 915mm D


4m Single Storey Flue Kit $699

Optional Rear Heat Shield $275

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