Masport Riverstone Freestanding Wood Fireplace

$2549.00 $2449.00

The Masport Riverstone freestanding wood fireplace is the perfect heating solution for small and medium rooms. Its large 8mm radiant cooktop plate can be used for cooking in power outages, and its built-in ashpan ensures that disposal of ash is as easy and convenient as possible.


  • Designed to heat small to medium sized areas – up to 190m2
  • Large 8mm radiant cook top
  • 6mm, durable steel firebox
  • Lined with masonry fire bricks and a steel baffle for efficient burning
  • Built-in ashpan for easier ash disposal
  • Optional 2-speed fan for convection heating
  • 10-year extensive firebox warranty under normal use and service
  • 1-year warranty on all internal fire parts
  • Proudly Made and designed in New Zealand
  • 1.3g/kg Emissions
  • 60% Efficiency
  • Maximum Log Size – 400mm

Preceding model: R5000

4m Single Storey Flue Kit $699

Optional 2 Speed Fan $309

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