Osburn 2200 Freestanding Wood Fireplace


The Osburn 2200 is perfect for heating larger living areas. Its 20% larger firebox is designed to maintain steady heat over a longer period. A powerful, fan is available as an option. The glass surface of the bay window is also 20% larger than that of smaller models, providing a wonderful view of the fire from every angle. In short, the Osburn 2200 offers a perfect combination of utility and enjoyment!

Model # : OB02212
Heating environment (m³) : 240 sq. m
Color : Vertical
Thickness – Top : 8 mm
Optimum efficiency : 57%
Average particulate emissions rate : 2.1 g/kg
Model : Pedestal
Easy-to-access ash drawer
Controlled combustion
Adjustable handle
Diameter of smoke pipe outlet : 150 mm
Glass air-wash system
Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution
Stainless-steel secondary-air system improving gas combustion

3.6m Single Storey Flue Kit $499
Optional Fan $259

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