Regency Bellerive Inbuilt Wood Fireplace

$3699.00 $3499.00

Designed with family living in mind, the Regency Bellerive wood fire is the ideal choice for a large family or living area with the added benefit of being developed to fit comfortably into large existing fireplaces. Most of the heat generated in Regency wood inbuilts does not escape up the chimney but is kept in your cozy home. Add the zero clearance box for easy installation in false chimneys.


  • ○  Heats approx. 250+ sq.m*
  • ○  Large glass viewing area (595x290mm)
  • ○  Single rod draft control
  • ○  Strong bakelite handles
  • ○  Steel firebox with cast iron lining and firebrick base
  • ○  8mm steel baffle
  • ○  2-speed fan
  • ○  Airwash system
  • ○  Low emissions: 0.8g/kg
  • ○  65% efficiency


3.6m Single Storey Zero Clearance Flue Kit and Zero Clearance Box $1909

5m Single Storey Chimney Kit $499

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