Regency Vancouver Freestanding Wood Fireplace


Choose the Vancouver and bring the wood fire warmth to your home. Perfect for heating medium sized living areas (approx. 200m2), this wood fire has all the modern conveniences: efficient heat, optional ash drawer, and easy operation; while keeping up with tradition.


  • ○  Heats approx. 200+ sq.m*
  • ○  Large glass viewing area (380x215mm)
  • ○  Single rod draft control
  • ○  Steel firebox with brick lining
  • ○  Airwash system
  • ○  Brushed nickel accent kit (hinge caps & handles)
  • ○  Low emissions: 1.9g/kgOPTIONS

○ Cast iron door in black, or with nickel trim accents

○ Cast iron legs in black or brushed nickel
○ 2-speed fan
○ Ash drawer

Vancouver with standard black door and legs $2310

3.6m Single Storey Flue Kit $499

Optional Fan $299

Ash Drawer $135

Airmate $160

○ Convector airmate

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