Saxon Blackwood Inbuilt Wood Fireplace

$3195.00 $2995.00

The Saxon Blackwood Inbuilt Wood Heater will enhance the warmth and comfort of your home. With the hypnotic effect of an open fire without the mess, this convection heater has been designed to release heat into the room and not up the chimney.
You control the temperature through the 3 speed fan that has the capacity to heat up to 230m2 (23 squares). Generating up to five times more heat than an average open brick fireplace with half the wood consumption, the Blackwood will reduce energy loss from your home! Furthermore, Saxon Wood Heaters are tested to meet Australian clean air requirements and emissions standards.
Available in the colour, ‘Ironbark,’ the firebox offers the strength of 8mm thick steel, which maintains thermal efficiency, second to none.
This Saxon Blackwood Inbuilt wood heater has been constructed from a heavy duty 8mm thick steel firebox with a 10 Year warranty. The Saxon range of wood heaters is a result of over twenty five years of practical development and commitment to long lasting quality with simple but efficient operation, maintaining a high level of comfort that we associate with a wood fire.
The Saxon Blackwood Inbuilt wood heater is designed for colder climates, hence our renowned 8mm thick steel firebox design that comes with a ten year warranty. We have developed a high efficient burning technology based around simple controls, enabling you to achieve long burn times whilst still maintaining a truly efficient level of combustion. The Saxon Blackwood Inbuilt wood heater is built with a sturdy smart looking body, large door openings and big glass doors for you to experience the best view of your Saxon Blackwood Inbuilt wood heater. Now available with a Zero Clearance Box and Flue Kit for easy installation into timber frames.

  • Heating Type – Insert Wood Heater
  • Heating Capacity Output – Heats up to 280 m² (28 squares)
  • Heating Style – Convection
  • Width (mm) – 930mm
  • Firebox Warranty – 15 Years
  • Overnight Burn Time – Up to 7.5 hours
  • Recommended Flue Kit – Maxiheat Chimney Kit
  • Fan Includes – 3 speed automated fan
  • Recommended Hearth – Maxiheat 1.2M X 1.2M Gloss Black Hearth
  • Flue Diameter – 6 Inch
  • Firebox Material – 8 mm steel firebox
  • Height (mm) – 708mm
  • Area Size Indoor – Medium
  • Fuel – Hardwood

Zero Clearance Box $895
Zero Clearance Flue Kit 4m $899
Single Storey Chimney Kit 4.5m $499

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