Weber Genesis II LX E440 Gas BBQ SALE


Introducing the all new Weber Genesis II LX E440 Gas BBQ. Following from the revolution of the very first Weber Genesis BBQ back in the 1980’s, Weber has completely redesigned and revolutionised the traditional gas bbq as we know it.

The new Weber GS4™ cooking system, found in all Genesis II gas barbecues, is the biggest step forward in gas barbecue cooking since the original Genesis was introduced in the 1980s.

The four components of the GS4 cooking system resolve all of the common frustrations of a conventional gas bbq, which results in delicious barbecue food with incredible flavour.


GS4 Burners – All new tapered design  to deliver a constant pressure of gas along the entire burner, creating perfectly even heat with no cold spots.

GS4 Infinity Ignition – The all new Infinity Ignition system in the Genesis II barbecue has been reimagined to deliver the most durable consistent ignition ever seen in a gas barbecue. By moving sensitive components away from the heat of the barbecue, and upgrading the quality of all materials, it’s guaranteed to last forever!

GS4 Flavorizer Bars –The addition of the specially angled bars above the burners allows fat and juices to fall safely past the burners without risk of a flare up. Any fat and juices that hits the Flavorizer Bars sizzles and smoulders to create smoke, which results in an authentic bbq taste.

GS4 Fat Management System – The fat management system in the Genesis II guides excess fat and debris away from the heat of the burners, into a disposable drip tray below the cooking area. That means fat won’t build up near the burners, helping reduce the chance of a fat fire.




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