Weber Pulse 2000


The Weber Pulse 2000 is the latest in the line up of Weber BBQs.

Weber has reinvented the electric barbecue with the Weber Pulse range being targeted to those who want an authentic barbecue experience but with the efficiency and simplicity of electricity not gas.

The Weber Pulse range features high tech electronic temperature control and smart technology which combine to give a never before seen barbecue experience. Consumers will no longer be restricted by gas or charcoal cooking no matter where they live. The Pulse is made for city balconies, and as an added bonus you’ll never run out of fuel!

The revolutionary dual zone cooking controls allow you to simultaneously cook food in two different cooking zones, with amazing temperatures and flavours you can’t get in your electric frypan in the kitchen!

Each Weber Pulse Barbecue comes equipped with a built in iGrill thermometer to make your cooking experience even easier.

The Weber Pulse range comes in two sizes – the Pulse 1000 and the Pulse 2000. A range of exclusive Pulse accessories is also available in store.


Features –

  • Ease of use – plug in, pre heat and cook!
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Integrated iGrill (2 probes included)
  • Removable bowl and lid liners for easy cleaning
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Digital temperature display
  • Cast Iron Grills
  • High Lid for roasting
  • Dual Zone Cooking
  • Optional Cart $329.95



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