The Most Stylish Gas Fireplace Options in Sydney

When you’re shopping for gas fireplaces, Sydney is the perfect market. Our Hawkesbury Heating showroom has lots of models from reliable brands like Lopi, Regency, Gazco, and more. You could order a stylish in-built unit or something portable, depending on your design preferences and sizing needs. Let’s look at some available gas heaters.

Start with the slim, trim, Rinnai 252. This gorgeous in-built unit offers a rich, contemporary feel, especially if your buy the glossy stainless steel version. The Rinnai 252 model is an insert that fits snugly inside a traditional hearth or conventional heater, so it makes a good renovation unit. You can use it in place of an old home heater when you want to update the look and style of your home.

Modernise with the Rinnai Slimfire

Unlike clunky old furnaces, the Rinnai Slimfire can be lit instantly with a single button. They have a good system for heat distribution that utilises an automated fan with two programmable speeds. If you use a prior furnace enclosure for your Rinnai, you don’t have to install an additional flue. You can manually adjust the heat to three settings.

Visually, the Rinnai Slimfire has three stunning options. If the stainless steel design is too forward, you could select a plain black fascia, or a mix of the two. The gas heater has a flat glass front with an attractive viewing panel that shows off realistic artificial logs and a dancing smoke-free plume of fire, all under $3,000.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for beauty on a budget, consider the in-built Nectre whose starting price is under $1,000. We are oddly drawn to the beauty of arches, and this gas fireplace utilises that design feature quite effectively. It draws to mind a cosy coal stove from the Edwardian or Victoria eras, right down to the artificial lumps that constantly burn in the grate without ever dying out.

Get Rustic with the Nectre Gas Flame

The Nectre Gas Flame comes in two size-based models – the 290C and the 420C. It’s built to fit into a standard traditional hearth, though it may be helpful to install a cowl to distribute heat more efficiently. Because it has two burners, the Nectre can generate flames hotter than 1,000 degrees Celsius, and despite looking like a conventional coal fire and sitting beneath a brick chimney, it produces no ashes, smoke, or sparks.

The front of the heater contains a homely grate that holds the faux coals bathed in their bright yellow flame, while the second burner is located towards the rear of the gas heater. It doesn’t need any specialised installation, you can simply push it into place, though you could ask a plumber to come connect it to your gas line if you’re unsure how to link it to the hearth.

You might also need some assistance with the gas cowl. It narrows the diameter of the chimney to 150mm so that heat isn’t wasted. Without it, a lot of warmth will be needlessly lost in that cavernous chimney. The cowl centralises heat better, so that more of it spreads outward into the room, rather than up and out the chimney bricks.

To look through some of the most stylish gas fireplaces in Sydney, call Hawkesbury Heating today on (02) 4571 2295.


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