Tips to Make Your Beach BBQ Sessions a Breeze

Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street and of course the quintessential outdoor fiesta known as the BBQ. We are pretty lucky in the land down under, we have the climate and we have the landscapes that are perfect for outdoor cooking and by jingo, we make the most of it. Our home is girt by sea and that’s where a majority of our barbecuing takes place. The beach is a perfect spot for a barbecue. But dragging your Weber BBQ to the beach can pose some challenges. In this post, we give you some super cool tips to make your beach BBQ a breeze.

Wind Break Saves the Day

As we all know, the beach can get a little too breezy for the burners. What we are trying to say is that you need a windbreak to keep those flames constant. Uneven heat can make a meal of your BBQ food and not in a good way. You will need some sort of windbreak. There are many options. If you have an empty carton of beer laying around you, use it for a windbreak.

Cut a slot in the side of the carton, so it fits in neatly on the side of the barbecue. It’s simple and there are many ways to go about it. Depends on the shape of your BBQ, but you will work it out.

If you have surfers at your gathering, you’re in luck. Get them to dig their surfboards into the ground either side of the barbecue. It acts a great wind block and your beach credibility will go through the roof.

Bring the Beats

Of course, what BBQ would be complete without the beats? Music is essential to creating those fun beach BBQ party vibes. For this, you need to get your set up sorted. These days it’s quite simple. All you need is a blue tooth speaker and your phone. The only hard part is keeping up the juice for all these energy-dependent devices. You will need to have some foresight here and make sure that everything is charged to full capacity before you leave. But as we all know that one charge isn’t enough. You might want to pick yourself up a charge bank to keep them tunes banging well on into the evening.

Compartmentalisation Nation

The beach can get tricky. Sand seems to go everywhere. What you need is an assortment of plastic storage containers in various sizes to house your cooking implements. They also double as prep benches and tables. A small fishing tackle box can also be used as a spice holder or you can even use it for condiments. The old faithful Esky is great for cooling drinks and can also be used as a table.

A well-organised beach barbecue is one of life’s great pleasures. It doesn’t take much to get your friends together and head on the down the beach for a glorious afternoon relaxing in the sun and enjoying some excellent BBQ food. Just follow these simple tips and don’t hesitate to give us a call at Hawkesbury Heating and we will happily get you kitted out in the best way possible.

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