How to Upgrade Your Existing Fireplace/Heater Without Replacing It

Sometimes, your fireplace may develop one deficiency or the other. This is understood because no matter how efficient the heater may be and the level of the maintenance you provide, it will definitely need an upgrade after some time. This piece discusses the strategies you can apply if you want to upgrade for a fireplace without having to replace it.

  1. Firebacks

Firebacks are primarily used to increase insulation in the heater. An increased level of insulation means more heat, higher safety, and higher efficiency. There are several options of high-quality firebacks available. You can choose one of them to upgrade your heater. Common material are firebricks or castiron liners.

  1. Outside Air Inlets

A large amount of air is needed for a fireplace to burn logs to generate heat and operate properly. This is why it is sometimes helpful to install outside air inlets that can allow the chimney to operate more effectively and efficiently. If there is no ash dump in place or if the brick of your house is excessively thick, the outside air inlets may be difficult to install. All you need to do is, get in touch with the professionals and they will help you fix the problem.

  1. Fireplace Dampers

The fireplace damper should be tightly sealed when it is closed and also allow airflow in the chimney when it is open. You can upgrade your fireplace with alternative dampers.

  1. 4.Grates

With specially designed grates, you can increase the efficiency of your fireplace. The seamless design of the fireplace grates results in hot and glowing part of logs to project heat forward.

  1. 5.Fireplace Heat Exchangers

If you need your heater to provide a substantial amount of heat to some rooms in your home, then you can upgrade it with a forced air heat exchanger. When choosing a heat exchanger; make sure that the fireplace and chimney can withstand the high temperatures that will be generated by the heat exchanger.

Upgrade Your Fireplace Today

If you need any help, tips or support in order to upgrade your fireplace and increase its efficiency, contact us at Hawkesbury Heating today.


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