Using The Weber Rotisserie In Right Way

Using a rotisserie is fun, after all it’s just like slowly spinning some nice big chunks of meat over a fire. Of course, finding the right rotisserie for you is important, and when you find the right one for you, you can do a lot more than just spinning a chicken over the fire – you can do, pulled pork, pork loins, or spare ribs. It’s a lot of fun, and so easy!

Choosing a Weber rotisserie

You are probably thinking – how hard can it be? While it’s not *hard* there have been some changes made to the Webber gas BBQ’s over the years and some rotisserie assemblies are no longer interchangeable, so you need to make sure of your exact make and model.

Tips for using your rotisserie

  • Make sure the forks are tight – the meat must be secured tightly onto the rotisserie, if it’s not tight it will wobble and flop around, this means the meat will cook unevenly and it will also place stress on the rotisserie motor.
  • Truss the meat – trussing your meat serves 3 purposes – 1 – it makes sure the meat is on the spit, 2 – it helps the meat hold its shape which helps with even cooking and 3 – it just looks professional!
  • Try before you light the BBQ – once the meat is secured and trussed, take the rotisserie spit to the BBQ and give it a try while your grill is cold. Most of the time everything is fine, but you may find some meat is a little wobbly, it can be corrected BEFORE the gas is turned on.
  • Use a drip pan – place a disposable aluminium dish under whatever it is you are cooking, this will help keep your BBQ clean.
  • Allow extra time – rotisserie cooking takes a little bit longer than direct heat cooking. Whatever meal you are planning, allow for extra cooking time – especially if you like opening the hood to keep an eye on things.
  • Use gloves – when you take the rotisserie off the grill, it will be hot, they often have metal handles, so you need to be wearing BBQ gloves to get it off the BBQ
  • Use a thermometer – don’t guess when meat is cooked, use a thermometer to know for sure when the meat is ready.
  • Have fun! Using a rotisserie can be a lot of fun, never be intimidated by using a rotisserie, as long as you follow the above tips, grab your rotisserie, invite your friends around and enjoy!

Using a rotisserie is fun, it’s different and when you get the hang of it, you’ll be cooking meat to perfection in no time. Just be sure to buy the rotisserie that’s suitable for your model of Weber BBQ.

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