Beefeater BBQ’s for the large family

There are a few things you need to think about when it comes to buying the right beefeater BBQ for you and your family. You really don’t want to waste money on things you don’t need or a BBQ that is too small.

When looking for your new BBQ consider the following:

  • Durability
  • Cooking performance
  • Value for money
  • Design
  • How easy it is to use
  • How easy it is to clean
  • Any extra features


Buying a new Beefeater BBQ it’s important that how it cooks suits you best, you want a well-designed BBQ that’s easy to clean and looks good on your balcony, patio, outdoor area or in your outdoor kitchen.

When shopping for a new BBQ, it’s good to have a few critical points in mind:

  • Type – Portable is great for camping and trips to the beach, Freestanding often on wheels this means you can move your BBQ around and also take it with you when you move – these look great and are designed to be added permanently to your outdoor area.
  • Fuel type – Charcoal, gives you that hot coal roast experience but can be messy to clean up, Gas, is safer and more efficient, with heat that is easier to control or natural gas which gives you a constant gas supply.
  • How many burners – think about your family and how much food you need to cook in one go. Charcoal BBQs are generally small, gas BBQ’s that have 4 or more burners are perfect for the large family.
  • Beefeater has an impressive range of BBQ’s perfect for those with a large family.
  • Beefeater Discovery 1000R 5 Burner Built In – perfect for use in an outdoor kitchen, this model gives you the Beefeater quality, but at a budget price. Featuring a comfortable clean vitreous enamel integrated convection roasting hood, a durable rust-resistant cast iron cooktop that has been made to last, hassle-free integrated Quartz Start Ignition which means your Beefeater BBQ starts first time, every time, and a vaporiser grill and reflector system with anti-flare technology which increases gas economy and reduces flare-ups.
  • Beefeater Discovery 1100E 5 Burner Built In – If entertaining is your thing, this one is for you, a perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen or entertaining area. With 5 powerful burners, rust-resistant cast iron cooktop and hotplate, black porcelain enamel coated hood, vaporiser grid system, built in hood thermometer and warming rack, viewing window and integrated quartz start ignition.
  • Beefeater Signature 3000E 5 Burner – perfect for the big family or a family who love to entertain, and this is an excellent BBQ for an outdoor kitchen with all the wonderful features of the Beefeater Disccovery1100E 5 Burner.
  • Beefeater Discovery 1100S 5 Burner Built in – a BBQ for those who not only love to entertain but who like to impress. Featuring 5 powerful burners, vaporiser grill system with integrated quartz start ignition, stainless steel hood, viewing window, built in hood thermometer and warming rack and a rust-resistant cast iron cooking surface.


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