How to Choose Between the Lopi Range

Lopi have a range of fireplaces to suit everyone. Their range includes freestanding slow combustion wood heaters, traditional gas log fires and gas heaters and wood fireplaces in a range of contemporary designs to suit todays modern homes. Some fireplaces feature, stones, pebbles, sculptured driftwood or log media and all are enhanced with stunning accent lighting. All Lopi fireplaces feature GreenSmart Direct Vent gas technology and are not just efficient, they look beautiful too. Some of the high output models also feature ceramic glass for increased radiant heat.

Once you have made the decision to purchase a Lopi fireplace, you certainly won’t regret it.

The Lopi name is well renown and trusted thanks to its versatility and stunning quality. There are many things to consider when choosing a fireplace for your home including

  • Freestanding or inbuilt
  • Gas or wood
  • Indoors or outdoors

Here are some suggestions to help you make the decision a little easier.

  • Location:

    if you want your fireplace to be stationary then you need to choose an in-built fireplace. It can be placed in a wall or fitted into an existing hearth – Inserted fireplaces fit snuggly into the wall and you can have a protruding firebox installed if you prefer. Wood burning Lopi inserts include – Republic, Freedom Bay and Flush Wood. Gas options can be double-sided or single sided. Double sided are perfect for use in or as a dividing wall as they will warm up two rooms at the same time. Lopi fireplace options include linear – which means they are streamlined and are longer than they are wide, on the other hand, if you have a hearth already you can buy a free-standing fireplace to stand underneath the chimney

  • Fuel Type:

    While wood fireplaces have smoke and embers, modern technology and advancements have eliminated some of these issues. Gas heaters are considered more convenient, but, gas bottles can be heavy and cumbersome. Today’s modern wood fireplaces use GreenSmart technology which means they are as easy to light as a gas stove – simply load your wood and press a button! Some popular Lopi wood burning fireplaces are the Liberty, Cape Cod and Endeavour. They are free standing units and have a more traditional look and feel, they are designed like old pot-bellied stoves but have a squarer shape than the more traditionally rounded wood stoves.

  • Looks:

    Today many new fireplaces are being built to look like they have burning logs inside, even if they are powered by electricity or gas. All Lopi fireplaces have viewing panels with realistic looking flames – and you can choose the type of media you prefer – driftwood, twigs, tumbled stones or traditional logs.

Whichever style of Lopi fireplace you choose, gas, wood burning, freestanding or built in, you’ll be sure to stay warm this winter.

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