Our Weber Portable BBQ Options for This Summer

The weather around the country is heating up which means –  Summer is just around the corner. How are you going to make the most of your summer this year? A trip down the coast? Lots of quality time with friends and family? Picnics and days at the beach? Well, if you want a good old Aussie barbie to go along with your summertime activities, then the best way to ensure you’ve always got a BBQ on hand is to get yourself a portable BBQ. Luckily, we’ve got a vast range of portable Webers available at Hawkesbury Heating so check out your options for this summer below:


The Weber Go Anywhere

The Weber Go Anywhere is a break from tradition, with a hibachi style grill that’s a brilliant charcoal grill with a windbreak. The grill features foldable legs and a black porcelain outer for the luxe look.


The Weber Jumbo Joe

The largest of the Weber portable BBQs, the Jumbo Joe is a 47cm affair, which means that it is large enough for all your roasting needs. If you are looking for a larger, traditional style of Weber that you can take anywhere, this might be your ideal choice.


The Weber Smokey Joe

The Weber Smokey Joe Is the younger brother of the Weber Smokey Joe and is an excellent choice for those just starting out with barbequing. At 36 cm across, it is compact and highly portable – great for couples camping trips.


The Weber Q 2200

The new wave of portable Webers comes in the form of the Weber Q. The Weber Q 2200 is great because it can be used for your backyard barbies as well as be taken with you while you’re on the go. This portable BBQ is redefining the whole barbeque market!


The Weber Baby Q 1200

If you are after a smaller sized Weber Q, then the mini-sized Weber Baby Q 1200 is what you are looking for. This mini barbeque is still a beast and a great option to take with you everywhere. This particular type of Weber is only available in speciality shops – shops like ours of course.


We carry the full range of Weber portable BBQs, and our staff are always on hand to help you in choosing which type of barbie is best for your needs. Don’t know how big your need your Weber to be? Going to be using it at home as well as on the go? We can help in guiding you towards the best decision. Have a look through our Weber range and see what’s available. They’re all affordable, all coming in at under $500, so it might even make the perfect gift for someone else this summer too.

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