A Look at Our Popular Weber Specialist Product Range

Weber is one of the best-known names when it comes to barbeque equipment, and with Spring settling in you’re probably in the market for a new outdoor bbq. Hawkesbury Heating is an authorised supplier of Weber specialist bbqs – in fact we stock the entire premium range – which is not available at other stores!

We’re an Australian owned family business with over 25 years’ experience, so your grilling needs are safe with us. In addition to Weber grills, we supply pizza ovens, gas heaters, and wood burning fireplaces. We have the quality products and customer service to keep you warm, happy, and ready to cook.

Weber bbqs are classed into three broad categories: charcoal, gas and portable. Charcoal bbqs are preferred by some buyers because they give food an authentic rich, smokey flavour.

Charcoal bbqs have two primary shapes. Kettle bbqs are wok-shaped, with a dome-like lid, while smokey bbqs look more like space capsules. Some barbeque units have an attached worktable, while others have wheels for easy transport. Grill sizes range from 14 to 37 inches.

Because charcoal barbeques emit smoke and sparks, they need a well-ventilated outdoor space. Cooking outdoors also prevents dark patches from forming on roofs, walls, and carpeting. Sparks can catch fire, so outdoor charcoal cooking is essential to avoid fire hazards.

Weber Q Gas bbqs are cosy, portable units that fit snugly on your countertop. They have domed roofs and stable bases. Some have a small platform on either side for seasoning and condiments. They also have strong, insulated handles that make them easier to carry. The Weber Q range can also be attached to a portable trolley for a more stable storage option and for easy movement.

Gas bbqs come in a far wider variety than other types of grills. They are convenient because you can light them with a single twist of the gas dial. Many gas units come with an electronic ignition button, but if you’re cooking outdoors or far from an electrical outlet, you can always still light your barbecue by turning the gas dial and striking a match.

Weber bbqs offer easy clean up because excess gas and juices are collected in the fat drip tray trap. You can make the process even faster by lining the trap with aluminium foil before each cooking session. Then when you’re done, you just discard the foil. No mess, no fuss.

There are a few smaller Weber gas units that can fit on a countertop, but most Weber gas grills are portable kitchens complete with shelving and stainless steel counter space. Many of these units have wheels so they can be moved to your chosen cooking area, and multiple burners depending on your barbequing requirements.

Other gas bbqs can be built into the architecture of your kitchen or your alfresco cooking area. Some Weber bbqs use natural gas (NG) while others use liquid petroleum gas (LPG). Find out what gas type is supplied in your region before you buy your griller.

For genuine Weber products complete with a manufacturer’s guarantee, call Hawkesbury Heating today on 02 4571 2295.

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