Gas or Charcoal BBQs – How to Choose

Time to purchase a new BBQ? Rather than going into the situation blind, wandering into a store, and then pointing out, “That one please!”, it’s better to do your research beforehand so that you know exactly the type, size, and specifications that you’re after. Making decisions about your BBQ before you head into the shop will save you money, time, and even stress throughout the lifetime of owning your barbeque. One of the more critical questions that you should ask yourself when going to purchase a barbeque is whether to go with a gas barbeque or a charcoal barbeque – which fuel source is going to work best for your situation.

Here are the differences between gas and charcoal BBQs, to help drive you to the right decision.


Gas barbeques are quite variable when it comes to cost. You can pick up a gas barbie for $50-$100, or you can go top of the line with BBQs $5000 and up. Charcoal barbeques are generally available for sub $500. This is because the design of a gas barbeque is a lot more complicated.

Ease of use

In terms of making your life easier when you’re cooking with your barbeque, then there’s no denying that gas wins out here. Light the BBQ, set the temp, and you’re good to go. Charcoal barbeques are more difficult to start, take more time to heat up, and regulating temperature is trickier.

Smoking meats

If you’re looking to do some wood-smoking of meats for a cool new hobby, then you’ll need to purchase a charcoal barbeque, this effect can’t be achieved with a gas barbeque. This is becoming quite a popular hobby for home barbeque enthusiasts.

Temperature regulation

Like we mentioned before, charcoal barbeques can be more tricky when it comes to temperature regulation. You’ll need to keep an eye on your gauge and tend to the barbeque as necessary. For gas barbeques, less expensive models have low, medium, and high dials, and top of the line models have measured temperatures.


Regarding cleaning your barbeque, gas barbeques are also easier to clean than charcoal barbeques. The sooty residue generated from cooking with charcoal can be tougher to shift than just a simple gas barbeque – because you don’t get this substance occurring at all. Cleaning up once you barbeque is warm and not hot after every cook is always a good idea.

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