Options for Designing your Outdoor Kitchen


Gone are the days when you’d roll out your portable barbeque and call it your *outdoor kitchen*. Outdoor Kitchen is more than just a portable barbeque.  These days many homeowners want a kitchen that is fully functional and one they can use every day, after all we live in such an amazing climate – who wouldn’t want a great kitchen *outside*.

It doesn’t matter if your building your outdoor kitchen is under cover or not, your kitchen will still be exposed to the elements – far more so than the kitchen inside, so the materials you use will make a huge difference! After all you want your kitchen to look good, and last a long time.



  • Stone veneer stands up really well to the weather, and would look great as a feature wall or splashback
  • Granite or engineered stone – such as Caesar stone, or stainless steel are great choices for a benchtop.
  • Both stainless steel and glass make for durable doors, alternatively water-resistant powder-coated doors and drawer fronts can be used outdoors.
  • If you have decided to use timber, use Jarrah or another timber that has been rated for outdoor use.

The cabinets you choose will need to be able to stand up to the elements, cupboards that use a marine-grade polymer or prefabricated stainless-steel cabinets are perfect for use in stone or brick benchtop bases.


To really have a *proper* kitchen, you will need a fridge and a sink, so an under-bench fridge and single bowl style sink are perfect choices if you are limited for space. Think about the appliances that don’t *fit into* or aren’t appropriate for your indoor kitchen and make them a part of your outdoor kitchen. A gas barbeque with a rotisserie or a wood fired pizza oven are two examples. You will also want to add gas heating or wood heating for the chilly nights.

Your indoor/outdoor space

When you build, or have installed an outdoor kitchen it becomes an extension of your home, so think about ways you can make the transition between the house and the outdoor kitchen *seamless* – you now have two living areas – your house and outdoor kitchen and your outdoor kitchen and the yard/garden.

You could try:

  • Replace your kitchen window with full length sliding windows and extend your indoor kitchen benchtop into your outdoor kitchen.
  • Knock out the wall between your living room and outdoor kitchen and install sliding or bifold glass doors
  • Extend your garden into your outdoor kitchen and dining area

Of course, if you have a large yard your outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be attached to your house, you can always build a gazebo or outdoor structure for your kitchen. A detached outdoor kitchen area can be great for entertaining and makes a nice change for family dining, or just relaxing with a nice cup of tea, or a beer!

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