Small to Medium Size Heating Options

Heaters are wonderful for making your home feel warm and inviting. Gas heaters, such as the Regency gas fireplace keeps your home warm without the added *work* that a wood fire brings. Regency gas fireplaces can be connected to natural gas or LPG and is an efficient way to not only heat your home but for keeping your heating bills down as well.

There are a wide range of gas heaters available from in-built to free standing in a design that looks great and will fit into your home perfectly.

Gas heaters are great value for the money, but, gas still does produce small amounts of waste products – water vapour which can lead to condensation problems and carbon monoxide which is dangerous. Gas heaters deal with these issues in two ways.

  • Flued heaters these direct their fumes out through a flue or pipe and are generally more expensive to buy and install. The flue does remove the carbon monoxide and water vapour making it safer, but it can also cause a small amount of heat loss, which reduces its efficiency.
  • Portable or un-flued heaters – they actually expel their fumes and water vapour into the room, so you will need to keep the room ventilated.

If you plan to leave your heater on all day gas heaters are cheaper to run than portable electric heaters. Gas heaters are good for warming small to medium sized spaces. Gas wall heaters are cheaper to install and will heat the room they are installed in well and are perfect for small to medium sized rooms.

While it costs more money *up-front* gas ducted heating is still affordable and when it comes to heating the whole home is still the most cost-effective and cheapest option.

Remember that all gas heaters should be serviced every 1 to 2 years as a faulty gas heater can start emitting carbon monoxide which can be deadly.

Tips for reducing your heating bills

  • Only heat the rooms you are actually in or using
  • Hot air rises to the ceiling, so those small electric fan heaters will not work effectively and will end up being expensive to run
  • Don’t heat your rooms up too much, set temperatures at 20 degrees rather than 23 degrees, every degree less will save you about 10% of your energy usage.
  • Ensure you have chosen the right size heater for the space you want to keep warm
  • Have your gas heater serviced regularly, this will increase the efficiency of your unit and help keep your heating bills down.
  • Ensure that your home is well insulated, close your blinds at night, draught-proof windows and doors, and keep doors shut between heated and unheated rooms.


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