Why People Choose Regency for Their Home Heating

Gas home heating appliances are continuing to grow in popularity. Why are people not only choosing gas heating for their homes, but the Regency GF900?

  • Gas burns a lot cleaner than other fossil fuels such as coal and oil
  • Unlike wood burning fireplaces, gas combustion doesn’t produce creosote which is the common cause of chimney fires
  • Gas logs don’t spit sparks or embers into the room
  • Starting a gas fire is as simple as turning on a switch, getting your fire started is as easy as turning on the lights
  • Compared to wood logs, gas logs are longer lasting
  • Gas burning appliances need only a small amount of maintenance and cleaning

If you haven’t looked at gas fireplaces recently you will be amazed at the designs and styles available. In addition to the fireplace itself, a hearth area can be transformed with a great looking surround and mantle that blends in with or matches the décor of your room. Before having any gas, fireplace installed in your home, talk to your fireplace provider to get expert advice.

For those wanting to take a real *step-up* when it comes to home heating efficiency choose a gas fireplace insert. These inserts fit securely around the fireplace and stop any of the drafts that can cause heat to be lost in a room. In most cases two pipes are used for venting a gas fireplace insert. Exhaust gasses are taken away from the fireplace through one pipe, while clean air is brought to the fireplace through the second pipe.

Gas logs produce as much as double the heat obtained when burning wood. The newest design gas logs are actually made to look just like chopped wood.


Regency GF900L inbuilt gas log fireplace

This is a state of the art gas log fire that adds a touch of the modern to any living area with it’s very sleek, linear styling. This series of gas log fireplaces feature a seamless design with beautiful wide-angle flames, set on a coastal driftwood log fire. Welcome to an efficient clean-burning zone where heating has never been more stylish.

When you are thinking of an efficient way to heat your home, that’s not just functional, but looks amazing you’ll see why everyone is choosing the Regency series of gas fireplaces for their home. Whether your home is modern or traditional there is a fireplace to suit.

What more could you ask for?

  • Black enamel reflective panels
  • Multi-speed fan
  • Wide landscape fire with drift-wood log set
  • Realistic ceramic glowing ember bed
  • Remote control
  • Electronic ignition
  • Fresh air intake flue system
  • Top and rear flue options
  • Optional white pebble kit available with the crystal fireplace


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