The main advantages offered by our gas heaters

Wood heaters or gas heaters, which is superior? This is a long heated debate that has inspired different factions over the years. Despite the pros and cons of each of the heaters, gas heaters have numerous advantages that have raised its popularity. When compared to a wood heater, a gas heater is a recent invention. However, the heater has stolen the hearts of many and is now the go-to heater in many areas around the world. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy from a gas heater.

Looks can be deceiving but when it comes to heaters, what you see is what you get. Gas heaters have an array of sleek designs that can revamp any living space. Big brands like Lopi, Bromic and Rinnai are committed to making breath-taking gas heaters that not only work well but also look good. There are various design options available on the market ranging from freestanding gas heaters to inbuilt gas heaters. The choice of colour and build is up to you. You can have an in-built linear fireplace or a double sided gas fireplace. The designs also have the advantage of minimising heat loss and maximising heat distribution.

Gas heaters are among the most efficient heaters in the market. Efficiency is determined by the amount of heat generated and the amount of fuel used. Gas heaters can run from bottled LPG or reticulated natural gas (gas connected to your home). Each model has its own specific fuel requirements. Gas heaters generate a lot of heat with minimal waste products. Unflued heaters have an efficiency of around 90%, but they require a ventilation system that contributes to heat loss. Flued gas heaters vent the combustion gases outside hence their efficiency is significantly reduced. In Australia, gas heaters are tested for efficiency and given a star rating. This system makes it easier for consumers to choose the best heater for their homes.

Heating a home costs money. When compared to other heating solutions, gas heaters are cheaper. It is cheaper to run a gas heater the whole day than an electric heater. The efficiency of the heater also means less wastage. Gas heaters have a good value for money, and their durability also guarantees years of service. High-efficiency gas heaters have extremely low maintenance costs. Although the average national gas prices have risen in recent years, gas heaters still remain among the cheapest home heating solutions.

Gas heaters can heat up a large living space. They are good for living rooms and bedrooms. Most gas heaters have a fan system to enhance heat distribution in large spaces. Double sided gas heaters have a multi-directional heat distribution system, and they are best placed at the centre of a room. Most gas heaters have additional features that make its operation smooth and convenient. Some come with a remote control system and an electric ignition system. The pros of gas heaters clearly outweigh the cons, and that’s why it’s a popular selection for most homeowners.

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