4 Reasons Why Every Home Needs a BBQ

Australia is the barbequing nation, so much so that we have coined our own word for our most loved appliance – the barbie.

There are good reasons why barbequing is an essential part of the culture. The climate is generally very reliable and perfect for outdoor cooking and dining. Australians are sociable and love to celebrate or relax together; and we love meat, prawns and sausages – all the essential ingredients for a good BBQ.

Here’s why everyone should have their own BBQ


The Australian calendar is full of great opportunities to celebrate and get together with friends and family. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a BBQ, and then a repeat on Boxing day.

This is swiftly followed on by New Year’s Day and Australia Day, then Easter, Anzac Day, Melbourne Cup Day and Labour Day.

Everyone gets to share food, eat and spend the day chilling out together.


On hot summer days, you can very quickly turn your entire house into a hot oven if you try to prepare anything beyond a salad.

A BBQ in your backyard solves the problem, and many appliances now allow you to cook a multitude of different dishes. Top of the range appliances like some of the Weber BBQ range have rotisseries to cook roasts and hot plates for saucepans.

The Beefeater and Masport barbeque range also include outdoor kitchens with cabinets, side burners and cooktops to make outside cooking even easier.


Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, engagement parties or other significant events in your life can all be celebrated at home with a BBQ.

It means you can invite lots of people over and host a party without blowing your budget. Generally, everyone will bring a plate and, more often than not, party guests are happy to help out with the cooking so you can socialise with your guests and not be confined to a hot kitchen.

If you have older children, they can host their own BBQ party for their friends. Meaning drinks can be spilled in the garden and not all over your floor.

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Even with advances in gender equality these days, statistics show that women are more likely to prepare and cook meals at home.

However, when it comes to the BBQ, it’s still very much the man’s domain with around 80% of men taking charge of the outdoor cooking, according to BeefEater BBQ’s annual survey. Who wouldn’t love to sit back, relax and have a meal cooked for them?
The key to getting it right is delegating preparation and leave clearing up to the kids.

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