Re-design your outdoor area with these tips

It’s the start of a brand-new year! What better excuse do you need to refresh your yard? You want it in its best shape for that Australia Day BBQ, so it’ll help to do some sprucing up. Of course, your first thought is to rush for some new outdoor heating in Sydney. We have a broad selection here at Hawkesbury Heating.

Some of our units are for warmth and décor, like our Regency firetables. They come in coffee-table and cocktail-table dimensions. Regency firetables offer elegant seating and a sturdy surface, with dancing flames soaring out of the centrepiece. If your outdoor activities involve cooking, order one of our outdoor kitchens or pizza ovens instead.

It’s also possible to have a conventional fireplace designed explicitly for the al fresco placement. Choose a model that matches your yard design. Most of ours have glass panelling and are finished in stone, tile, or metal. The glass doors offer easy-loading (in the case of wood fires) and prevent the flames from blowing out in the breeze. Try a Heatmaster B Firebox or a Regency HZ042 for that rustic feel. Escea EF500 or Bromic Electric / Gas units are more contemporary

Removable furniture for small spaces

If your outdoor area is limited, our smallest firetable measures 1220 by 489 by 610 mm, and the seats tuck in snugly. Or you could buy a smaller unit, like our Outdoor Brazier for heat, or our table-top Morso Forno cast-iron oven. But while your heat source is a focal point, there’s a lot more involved in making your yard livable.

If you have grass or turf, guests may enjoy sitting on the ground. But for those averse to bugs and grass stains, you need chairs. Foldable pieces work best because you can stow them away to prevent your yard from looking crowded. If you’re blessed with yard space, you can invest in larger, less portable outdoor heaters and some weatherproof furniture.

Stainless steel, powder-coated metal, and fast-drying wicker are all good choices. Plastic chairs and tables are lightweight and stackable for easy movement and storage. You could erect natural stone seats if you have the budget for it. They’re tasteful, sophisticated, waterproof, salt-proof, and they don’t get too hot in the sun. Consider ‘planting’ some outdoor umbrellas also.

Spruce up, clean up

This should probably be your first step, but it’s the one you’ll least enjoy doing. Before you make any pretty purchases or start any DIY fireplace installations, you need to clear your clutter. Weed your plants and pavers, uproot any stubs or bushes, and toss out any broken bits of furniture. You could hire a landscaper or some neighbourhood kids to help you.

If there were broken toys or damaged tools left over after the holidays, get rid of them. They could easily breed pests during the summer rains. Refresh your grass, or consider paving your outdoor area. Between the heat, humidity, and summertime showers, a loose-earth yard could quickly get muddy. Plan B is to build an awning or erect a canopy, preferably a temporary or automated one so you can fold it away when the sun is out (and that’s more often than rain).

To find the right kind of heating for your fabulous outdoor area, call Hawkesbury Heating today on (02) 4571 2295.

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