Tips for Creating a Rustic Look with Your New Fireplace Installation

Many people who dream of having a fireplace in their home are looking to bring a little bit of the charm of a rustic, cozy cabin into their home. Achieving that feel in a more modern home can be tricky, as a brand-new fireplace is just missing some of the charm that a worn, sooty, well-used fireplace carries. With a few tips and design ideas, however, you can bring the warmth and inviting atmosphere of a rustic cabin fireplace into your home.

Start with the Right Fireplace

While almost any fireplace can be given a rustic “makeover,” starting with a model that already leans in that direction can be a huge benefit if you know this is the look you want to go for. The Lopi Radiant Plus Gas Fireplace Inserts are designed to convert your existing brick chimney into a contemporary gas fireplace. These are compact units that can fit into chimneys where most other units can’t, while still generating a significant heat output. If you already have a chimney but are looking for the convenience and efficiency of a gas fireplace, these are a great option.

If you don’t have an existing fireplace, you can still achieve a great rustic look through your fireplace surrounds. The Lopi 564HO GS2 or Regency GF900L are both great starting points, as they are both simple designs with beautiful driftwood components that can fit seamlessly into a rustic surrounding design.

If you are short on space, a freestanding gas fireplace is a great option and will mimic the look of a rustic woodfired heater.

Add Stone and Wood

Once you’ve settled on a fireplace, you can further develop the rustic look by adding a natural stone hearth around the fire, creating the effect of having a chimney without all of the hassle. Adding a reclaimed wood mantel above the fireplace will also help to create a rustic look and can become the centerpiece of the room. Choosing furniture that’s similarly made from reclaimed or unfinished wood will also help to tie the room together with a rustic feel.

As for paint colours, sticking to a crisp white or cream tone on the walls will help to keep the room from feeling too dark and heavy from the use of wood and stone.

Choose Mismatched, Natural Fibers

A hearth rug will help to make your fireplace the coziest it can be. Ideally, choose something braided that’s made from durable natural fibers in naturally-dyed colours. This will help draw attention to the fireplace and create a spot to plop down in front of the warm fire on a cold winter’s day.

When choosing textiles for sofas, pillows, and throw blankets in the room, there’s no need to make them match—the mixing of colours and patterns is what helps to create a rustic feel. Just be sure not to pick any colours that are too rich—these tend to take away from a rustic design. Natural colours tend to work best, but adding in one bright colour like red or robin’s egg blue can work if you just stick to adding splashed of that one accent colour.

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