Ethanol fireplace options

Ethanol is an organic fuel that is made by fermenting vegetables and grains, and it is also knowns as biofuel or biogas. Ethanol heaters give off minimal heat as they have smaller flames. Because you have to supplement ethanol heaters and you can only use them in well-ventilated rooms, they are a heating source that is often overlooked.

Due to this ethanol heaters are often used as a localised heater, or, they are just there *for show*, and are perfect for putting under your desk to keep your feet warm, but, if you want to heat up the whole room you will need to have a second heater.

Ethanol heaters are stunning to look at and add a whole new dimension to your home or office, two new ethanol heaters in the range are the Cocoon Ethanol and the Icon Nero heater. Using modified ethanol, when they burn they give off less carbon dioxide and water vapour.

The new range of Go Nero ethanol heaters come in three different sizes from 1 meter to 2, and they can be mounted on the wall. With a capacity or 4 to 7 litres, you can enjoy a burn time of between 7 to 9 hours. The Icon Nero looks very similar to an inbuilt gas fireplace with its vertically elongated design and slim-line burner. Because the actual flames don’t get very hot, this range does not have a glass viewing panel.

Some biofuels can be toxic and give off a *smell* but before you buy, you are given all the help and advice you need, including where and how to find the right biofuel for your heater ensuring you have a consistent and reliable supply along with tips on usage, fuel budgets and maintenance. Because ethanol heaters don’t give off any smoke or flames, they don’t require a chimney or flue.

If you are looking for an ethanol heater that is stylish and a little more *dramatic* the Cocoon range of fireplaces is perfect, with their shiny surfaces and curves, they look like small space pods. They look great in an industrial looking setting, a contemporary home or any room that has a minimalistic look and feel. With 6 different heaters to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the one that’s right for you. From the Cocoon Pedestal – a free-standing unit supported by a single slim leg to the Cocoon Aeris models that are suspended from the ceiling. A more *traditional* style is the Cocoon Vellums that are wall mounted, being spherical in shape they actually look like they are floating in mid-air.

Cocoon fireplaces come in two colours stainless steel or matte black, while the Vellum Black Bio is a mix of both.

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